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Cynthia Hooper

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DiamondHomeBigTJ_BeigeHome2TJ_PinkHomeRuta_Matamoros_Tres(large)Tienda_big_for_WebTJ_LaGloriaGarden4Jonah bought a piece from Jesse Wiedel awhile ago and has become friends since then. We went to Jesse’s show at the Velverteria in China Town and I  met Jesse’s wife Cynthia. I later found out that she is also an amazing artist. I really love her series of paintings from Tijuana from 2005 – 2008.

Website: Cynthia Hooper


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It’s funny I completely forgot about this site and have neglected it for about two years now. Why? It’s hard to pass up the convenience of Tumblr. Does anyone even read standard blogs anymore? I only came back to the site because of a request to take old photos down. But you know what? I think I like this. Good things take effort to find and to curate. My life is very hectic right now. I got a new job and started school back up. I have a long distance relationship and friends far away that are important to me. It’s easy to suppress my creative side – especially when my creative side only really includes nerding out on other people’s talents or specialness. Butt Fuck it. It’s good for me to dwell on the things that make my heart happy.

Here are some photos from my weekend with Joner at Benton hot springs. We had both never been there before. It was a perfect weekend and place to get away. I made beef stew in our dutch oven for the first time. That actually stressed me out because I am the least confident cook in the world. All turned out well though – the stew was super good even! We played dominoes in our new trailer – Little Stevie. Stopped in the town of Bishop on our way out and had breakfast at Jack’s. It was a perfect way to end our dream weekend with a quiet breakfast over coffee and biscuits and gravy.

IMG_1691 IMG_1700 IMG_1725 IMG_1739 IMG_1713photo 1photo 2benton

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In A Goodly Way

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in a goodly way

I am alive in this for 2.3 seconds but mostly I am dead. Playing dead is hard work!

Jonah Olson alone in the studio

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jonah 2


jonah 3

jonah 4




Jonah’s website

Jonah’s Tumblr – Jonah’s work

Children of the Cart – Art Jonah likes

Shino Takeda

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caramics 3Blue Dinner Plate

I am inspired and in love with Shino Takeda’s ceramics. I am taking a ceramics class in June for my first time.

Here is her website and her etsy store.

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Corpus Delicti: The tale of Joe Ball, Alligator Man of South Texas

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Our friend Teppei made an animated film about the serial killer Joe Ball. Lots of the buds contributed their voices. It turned out great!

Yours truly gets hit in the face by a glass bottle.



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…in a gondola, in Palm Springs.

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Desert Rat History

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Mojave River Narrows bridge near Victorville, ca.1905-1910

Golf — Apple Valley, 1958

 8 September 1958. Jane Mansfield; Floyd Jones; Mrs. Lloyd Mangrum. “Sports”.

Caption slip reads: “Sunday. Date: 09-07. Assignment: Sports — Apple Valley Golf winners. Special instructions: For Mel Galagher. S-95/96: Miss Janes Mansfield presents trophy to winners — L/R: Floyd Jones and Mrs. Lloyd Mangram [sic] who had (total) a low of 60 1/2”.

Boulder Canyon transmission towers in the high mesa west of Victorville, ca 1930

left to right: Shows Arthur D. McCain, desert expert on gems and minerals who is known as ‘On de Rocks Mac’ and Ed Vose, rockologist known as ‘Chuckawalla Slim’ who is world famous as a desert character
from the San Bernardino Country Fair 1951 Victorville

 USC Digital Library 

Buck Owens

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Buck Owens Portrait modeled from a Mississippi Records mix tape: Men with Broken Hearts

By my boo… Joner Olson

Volcanic Crater, Iceland

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Source: thirtymileswest

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